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Edit The calendar, also referred to as the Coruscant Standard Calendar,[ source? For this reason, this method of numbering years remains important to historians. They were short-lived and used by various historians at the time. From that point on, the year in which the Battle of Yavin occurred was the epoch used for the dating system. Many regions, however, kept their own calendars, including the Imperial Remnant. It was a luno-solar calendar based both on Coruscant’s orbit around its sun, and the orbit of its primary satellite, Centax The standard unit of time was the standard second. Sixty standard seconds made up each standard minute, and sixty minutes made up each standard hour.

Roman Empire

Rising to power in the final years of the Republic, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious gradually secured the government under his control through the persona of Sheev Palpatine, the last Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Through his machinations as both Sidious and Palpatine, the Sith were restored to a position of dominance amidst the fall of the Jedi Order and the marginalization of the Galactic Senate. Without the Jedi guardians of peace and justice to oppose him, Sidious brought an end to a thousand years of democracy ; in its place he installed the absolute rule of himself as Galactic Emperor.

For over two decades , opposition to the Imperial regime was ruthlessly suppressed by the rapidly expanding armed forces of the Empire. Throughout most of the Empire’s existence, the Imperial Senate stood within the Empire as the last surviving symbol of the Republic.

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Pirates are loud and flamboyant, gregarious and unrestrained, life-loving and vigorous, passionate and strong. Their opposite, the Ninjas are skilled and proficient, elegant and silent, contained and constrained, honourable and spiritual. Elves are Thinkers, elegant and timeless, conceptual and refined, abstract and beautiful. Dwarves are Doers, practical and structural, hard-working and no-nonsense, down-to-earth smiths and makers.

And the chart in the report on the Laws of Stupidity will repay careful study.

The Galactic Empire—also known as the First Galactic Empire, the New Order, the Empire, the Order, or the Old Empire—was an autocratic government that ruled the galaxy during the reign of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith who proclaimed himself Galactic Emperor in 19 BBY. The new regime.

Setting[ edit ] The City and the Stars takes place one billion years in the future, in the city of Diaspar. By this time, the Earth is so old that the oceans have gone and humanity has all but left. As far as the people of Diaspar know, theirs is the only city left on the planet. The city of Diaspar is completely enclosed. Nobody has come in or left the city for as long as anybody can remember, and everybody in Diaspar has an instinctive insular conservatism.

The story behind this fear of venturing outside the city tells of a race of ruthless invaders which beat humanity back from the stars to Earth, and then made a deal that humanity could live—if they never left the planet. In Diaspar, the entire city is run by the Central Computer. Not only is the city repaired by machines, but the people themselves are created by the machines as well.

The computer creates bodies for the people of Diaspar to live in and stores their minds in its memory at the end of their lives. At any time, only a small number of these people are actually living in Diaspar; the rest are retained in the computer’s memory banks.

Babylonian Empire

Nothing is working and we are all that survive of the bridge crew. The escape shuttle is powering up. The Hell with that.

: Atlantis – The Lost Empire: Michael J. Fox, James Garner, Cree Summer, Don Novello, Claudia Christian, Jacqueline Obradors, Florence Stanley, David Ogden.

Then, it was an “empire” long before it had an emperor. It was ruled, not by emperors, but by annually elected magistrates Roman Consuls above all in conjunction with the senate. This was the period of the Crisis of the Roman Republic. Towards the end of this era, in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was briefly perpetual dictator before being assassinated. Antony and Octavian’s division of the Roman world between themselves did not last and Octavian’s forces defeated those of Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC.

In 27 BC the Senate and People of Rome made Octavian princeps “first citizen” with proconsular imperium , thus beginning the Principate the first epoch of Roman imperial history, usually dated from 27 BC to AD , and gave him the name ” Augustus ” “the venerated”. Though the old constitutional machinery remained in place, Augustus came to predominate it.

Empire Co-Stars Trai Byers & Grace Gealey Are Dating

However, experts warn the building’s highlight – the observatory deck – could be cast into shadow by the storey One World Trade Center, set to emerge next door in The viewing point accounts for two thirds of its income. Visitors get an unrivaled view of New York Competition: Experts warn the Empire State Building, left, will not attract the same number of visitors when the One World Trade Center, right, the world’s third-tallest building, opens with dramatic views of the city The One World Trade Center, built on the Ground Zero site of the fallen World Trade Center Towers, which were brought down in the September 11, terror attacks, officially surpassed the Empire State Building as the tallest building in New York in May.

The One World Trade Center will stand at 1, feet to the tip of its antenna when it is completed in It will then be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the third tallest building in the world.

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The Kassites, like the Amorite rulers who had preceded them, were not originally native to Mesopotamia. Rather, they had first appeared in the Zagros Mountains of what is today northwestern Iran. The ethnic affiliation of the Kassites is unclear. However, their language was not Semitic nor Indo-European , and is thought to have been either a language isolate or possibly related to the Hurro-Urartian language family of Anatolia, [11] although the evidence for its genetic affiliation is meager due to the scarcity of extant texts.

However, several Kassite leaders may have borne Indo-European names , and they may have had an Indo-European elite similar to the Mitanni elite that later ruled over the Hurrians of central and eastern Anatolia. This new foreign dominion offers a striking analogy to the roughly contemporary rule of the Hyksos in ancient Egypt.

Galactic Empire

However the the way in which the Tau were united as a species is a well-known tale. Earlier in their history, the Tau were a culture built upon warring tribes. During this time, the Tau’s legends tell of the first appearance of the Ethereals at the city of Fio’taun. The fortress city of Fio’taun was under assault by the Tau warriors from the plains.

Though negotiation had been attempted, the fierce plains warriors would settle for nothing less than the annihilation of the city of Fio’taun. For five long Tau years the inhabitants held off the savage assaults with their thick walls and plentiful cannons.

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But others remained behind. The Jews in Babylon prospered, and for centuries Babylon was renowned as the center of Jewish learning, where the scriptures of Torah and later the Talmud were written. Furthermore, while in Babylon the Jews absorbed from the Babylonians the idea of universal empire, which influenced Jewish self-understanding ever after as a people called to establish God’s universal reign.

History During the first centuries of the “Old Babylonian” period that followed the Sumerian revival under Ur-III , kings and people in high position often had Amorite names, and supreme power rested at Isin. A constant intercourse was maintained between Babylonia and the west—with Babylonian officials and troops passing to Syria and Canaan , while Amorite colonists were established in Babylonia for the purposes of trade.

One of these Amorites, Abi-ramu or Abram by name, is the father of a witness to a deed dated in the reign of Hammurabi’s grandfather. His identity with the biblical Abraham is unproven, however. The city of Babylon was given hegemony over Mesopotamia by their sixth ruler, Hammurabi B. He was a very efficient ruler, giving the region stability after turbulent times, and transforming what had been an unstable collection of city-states into an empire that spanned the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia.

A great literary revival followed. One of the most important works of this “First Dynasty of Babylon,” as the native historians called it, was the compilation of a code of laws. This was made by order of Hammurabi after the expulsion of the Elamites and the settlement of his kingdom.

‘Empire’ Star Taraji P. Henson on Queen Cookie and Dating: ‘I Need a Hero!’

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